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EZCare Online's reports are a tremendous help to me. I can just glance at my executive dashboard and see my 'How many children I have at one time' indicator. The system gives me key information about how my facility is running and how my business is progressing that I have never had before.

With EZCare Online's broad range of search options, we are able to quickly provide very comprehensive information to parents, giving them a clearer picture of their account status. And this allows us to be more helpful to them and to provide a higher level of service.

Features like the Birthday List, give me a manageable way to stay in touch with my students. Our staff has such direct access to comprehensive student, family and class data that we are more helpful to our clients.

Our recent transition to EZCare Online has been a smooth one. We absolutely love having an online system to manage our preschool. The additional enhancements and features, specific to our market, make the day-to-day operation of our school easier and more efficient. And we love that we have a voice. Our suggestions for new features are greeted with enthusiasm by the EZCare team. They eagerly do everything they can to add those enhancements to the system for all their clients to have.